Conveyor and Transfer systems

Slat Conveyor :
These are Chain conveyors for different “Aggregate assembly line” requirements like Gear Box Assembly, Engine assembly, Vehicle assembly etc.
Slat conveyors are of simple design and robust construction
Available in customized design to suit different load and travel distance requirements

Powerised Roller Beds (PRB’s) : Direct driven or with Friction Drive
These are floor mounted roller bed systems for conveying and storage of vehicle body on Skid for conveying to long distance destinations or can be used for assembly / storage applications.
PRB’s are available in direct drive system (chain or belt driven) or with Friction drive.

Transfer Mechanisms:
For system design various horizontal and vertical transport devices are available. These include 2 or 4 post lifters, traverser, turn table etc.

Instrumentation and control:
Complete control system including PLC can be supplied to suit customer requirements.