Chain Bucket Elevator



  Provided with TSUBAKI, JAPAN make double strand bushed roller chain – made of special alloy steel,
which has high resistance to shock loads resulting in low sprocket wear.

  • •  Models from NBH (S) 300 to NBH (S) 015
  • •  Capacity range up to 2000 TPH
  • •  Chain Speed up to 90 m/min (1.5 m/s)

  Supplied more than 800 elevators.

  Three types viz. NBS, NBH and NBC – depending upon the conveying capacity,
height and the characteristics of the material handled.

  Casings are precision pressed – having in-built stiffeners.

  Provided with fabricated steel buckets. Each bucket is bolted to the chain
directly – on either side – through a specially designed link plate.

  Chains with different material of construction available to suit various applications

  Drive sprocket can be offered in segmented rim construction – for facilitating replacement.

  Tail casing is provided with a pair of high chrome bush bearings – fully enclosed within the casing – eliminating the possibility of dust leakage to the outside atmosphere.

  Provided with a self-adjusting internal gravity take-up arrangement.

  Provided with safety switches such as zero speed switch, boot level indicator and electronic shock relay.


Download Standard Dimensions PDF


Chain Cross Section

Chain Link

Side Mounted Bucket



Materials Handled such as


Raw Meal


Fly ash

Soda ash