Belt Bucket Elevator


Conveying height :up to 130m

Capacity Range :50 TPH to Max.1300t/h

Temperature of material handled:Max.130℃

Close spaced buckets arranged to ensure continuous receiving and discharge of material.

Replaceable friction liner on the head pulley

Gravity take-up with parallel design at tail pulley

Suitable for efficient conveying of free-flowing, powdery materials.

Incorporates specially designed imported steel cord belt.

Provided with specially designed mechanical belt joint for connecting the belt ends.

The buckets are provided with recessed holes. Special counter-sunk bolts are used to fasten the individual buckets to the belt.

Effective and economical solution for tall elevator application.

Compact design with high conveying speeds (1.9 m/s).

Provided with monitoring and safety switches such as belt sway switches, zero speed switch, boot level indicator and elec.tronic shock relay.

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Materials Handled such as

Powdery free-flowing materials in Cement and Process Plants such as:


 Raw Meal


Fly ash

Soda ash