Screw Conveyor


Material of construction is mild steel or stainless steel.

Hanger bearing – with stellite coating, is provided – for handling abrasive materials. Hanger bearings – with PTFE coating, can also be provided for special applications.

Provided with robust sized screw pipe and shaft at the hanger bearing section – thereby reducing the screw deflection.

Conveyor can be provided with standard flights, ribbon flights, cut- flights, paddle flights or jacketed flights – depending upon the specific applications.

Conveyors can be of single shaft / double shaft construction.

Trough cross-section – circular, U-trough or a combination of circular & U-trough depending upon the specific requirement.

Conveyor profile can be horizontal or inclined

Can supply conveyors for special applications such as screw feeder with variable pitch flights, cantilever beam type screw conveyor, double shaft pug mill type dust conditioner, jacketed flight / trough type screw conveyor for material conveying + cooling application etc.

Provided with safety switches such as zero speed switch, electronic shock relay.


Materials Handled such as



Dry salt

Granulated slag

Crushed coal